7 best video calling apps for Windows 10

As the world is progressing in IT (Information Technology), video calling has become a basic facility for every person. With the help of a video call, you can meet your family and loved one’s face to face. For the purpose of video calling, you need not very much expensive gadgets. You need only a PC (Personal Computer), a fast internet connection, and the best video calling app. Both PC and Internet connection devices are easily available in the market. But for the best video calling app, you have to research the market to find a suitable one. For the sake of saving your time and providing your convenience, we have researched 7 best calling apps for you. Before going into the introduction of these video calling apps, we would like to tell you about PC and windows. Buy such a PC which has the best speed on the Internet and fast performance. This kind of PCs will little a bit expensive but don’t worry, you will enjoy high-speed video calling on it. The second thing for video calling is the Windows operating system for your PC. Always choose Windows 10, because it is the best and latest Computer operating system launched by Microsoft.

So, now we will start about 7 best video calling apps for Windows 10,

1. WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is at the top of the 7 best video calling apps for Windows 10. WhatsApp Inc. offers a very simple stylish and easy way of video calling on PC having Windows 10. WhatsApp offers all three kinds of chats to its consumers, Video chat, Audio Chat, and Text messages based chat. According to research, approximately half of the population of the world is using WhatsApp at present. The video call quality is the best of WhatsApp among all other video calling apps. Apart from video calls, you can also send different files to your friends and family such as pictures, audio files, and video files, etc. WhatsApp’s application is totally customizable, it means you can change the appearance and style of the app according to your likeness. It provides you a complete control over the app features. WhatsApp is really secure by end-to-end encryption feature.

2. IMO:

IMO is a Middle-East based Video calling app and it is really popular throughout the world nowadays. It got the second spot after WhatsApp. Unlike WhatsApp, IMO is available for almost all platforms such as IOS, Mac, Windows, and Android. It is really a remarkable video calling app which works on slow and medium speed internet connection also. You can sign in this app by using your phone number. The signing in process is simple and really easy. In IMO, you can check your complete chat history at any time you want. You can send voice messages and share files of different formats like WhatsApp.

3. Wire:

In the list of 7 best video calling apps for Windows 10, the 3rd spot got by Wire video calling app. Wire is particularly best for PCs. Wire completely takes care of the user’s security. It makes sure that your call should totally remain private and nobody can get access to your account, messages, and pictures. The video call and signal strength quality are also strong in the Wire app. There are many features of the Wire video calling app. End-to-End encryption is the most important and vital feature of Wire. Wire provides a group calling feature also, in which 10 participants can take part in video calling at a time.

4. Zalo:

Zalo is completely secure like wire but its not very much popular up till now due to lack of marketing. Commonly, people use this app as a messaging app in their phones but it is one of the best video calling apps for Windows 10. Zalo offers a very exciting feature, you can proceed with your video call even when you are streaming or playing a game. Zalo provide a complete range of emoticons, we promise some which will new for you when you will use this fantastic video calling app. The screen notification system is really organized in the Zalo video calling app and you get an instant notification when anybody calls you.

5. Skype:

Skype is really popular throughout the world and it is possibly the most used video calling app in the PCs. For the sake of your information, Skype was the first video calling app that provides the service and many other features totally free of cost. Nowadays, Skype has developed another version for business-related peoples, known as Skype Business, through which people can hold their meetings on skype through group video calling facility. Skype is available for both PC and smartphone.

6. Google Duo:

Google Duo is a modern and latest video calling app which is recently developed by Google as a competitor to Skype. Google Duo can be used on almost all kinds of devices such as smartphones, iPhones, and PCs. You can communicate with your friends all over the world by using the Google Duo app. Google Duo offers a high-quality video calling and you can check who is calling before answering to call like internet caller ID system.

7. ICQ:

ICQ is a specially designed video calling app for PCs especially having Windows 10. You can say that ICQ is compatible and harmonized with Windows 10. It does not mean that ICQ cannot work on other devices, but it works best on Windows 10 particularly. ICQ has the same features as IMO.

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