What are the features in Windows 10 latest version?

What are the features in Windows 10 latest version?

Windows 10 is the latest Computer operating system launched by Microsoft Corporation. In past days, Microsoft has launched many updates of Windows 10, all these updates have certain types of improvement in its features. Recently, Microsoft has launched another update of Windows named as Windows 10 May 2020 Update. It has many splendid features and improvements. Before we describe different features in Windows 10 latest version, we would like to tell you the method through which you can get this update. There are two ways of getting the latest update of Windows 10. If you have already installed Windows 10 in your PC, you can simply upgrade to the latest version. It is very simple to do that, just go into your computer “Settings” and then click on the “Update and Security” tab. After clicking this tab, you will see the “Check for Update” button. Click this button and install the latest update to your computer. The second way of getting the latest update is by installing the whole latest window. Don’t worry, it is also a very simple method. Just go to the Microsoft website and download the latest version of Windows 10 and install it into your PC. For your ease, Microsoft has launched a software to update the Windows 10. This software is known as “Microsoft Update Assistant”. Just download this software and run it on your computer. It will automatically update your Windows 10 to the latest update.

Now, as you have learned how to get Windows 10 latest update, we can move towards different features of Windows 10 latest update.

You will get more control over optional updates:

In the latest version of Windows 10, you will get more control over your optional updates. In the previous version, all the updates were installed without the user permission, but now you will choose the updates you want to install. This process is very simple, just go to the “Settings” of your PC and then click on the “update and Security” button. Then click the “Windows update” button, you will see all the available updates. Click and install those updates according to your desire.

Modified Cortana Experience (With Typing):

In the latest updated version of Windows 10, you will get a new and perfect Cortana experience with typing and Brand-new Chat-based UI. Now the process is very simple, just type the information keyword are questions in the research bar of Cortana and you will get the results instead of saying them loud and burning your nerves. The Cortana in the latest version is more efficient and will save your chat history in a separate chatbox. Now, you can place the Cortana anywhere including the taskbar and you can even resize it according to your desire.

Cloud Download Option:

It sometimes happens that you need to reinstall or reset your PC due to certain reasons. In the latest update of Windows 10, Microsoft has provided the option of Cloud Download. The Cloud Download is an online storage that contains the latest versions of Windows 10. Using the option is also very simple, just click the “Settings” then “Update and Security” and then “Recovery or choose the system reset”. Here you can tell the computer to install the Windows 10 from the Cloud Download which will automatically download the best version of the windows 10 into your PC.

Bandwidth Limits option for Windows Update:

This option is not available in the previous version of the windows 10. Now, you can limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading updates. There are many options available regarding the limits. You can select the absolute option through which your PC will be able to use full bandwidth available for windows update or you can set the limit up to 1 to 10 Mbps. It is a fantastic and exciting feature particularly for those people who want to continue their working with updates. Windows will use the limited bandwidth and the remaining bandwidth can be used for working. This option is available in the “Delivery Optimization” section of the Windows 10.

Windows Search is improved and Faster:

Windows Search is faster and more improved in the latest version of the windows 10. Microsoft has improved the Windows search option in all areas such as CPU usage, Excessive Disks, and general performance issues. In the latest version of Windows 10, the Windows search option is optimized with the working of other apps. The windows search options will not run, when you are using heavy files and applications so, your working will not disturb.

Disk Type in the Task Manager:

Disk Manager is the option available in Windows 10 through which you can manage all the partition of your Hard disks. In the previous versions of Windows 10, the partition types were not shown in the Disk manager section but in the latest version, you can know the partition types such as HDD of your hard disk.

Make your device Pass wordless Option:

“Make your Device Pass wordless” is the new option available in the latest update in Windows 10. The option can be utilizing by going into the sign-in page of your computer settings and account options. Now, you can set different other methods of signing in to your computer such as Face or Fingerprint Unlock and PIN option. There is another way of sign-in to your computer known as the Windows Hello Sign-in Method.

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